[Solved] How Do I Increase The Pattern Resolution?

I get the feeling this is well documented and I’m supposed to know this! I can’t find it with searching / googling.

So how do I increase the pattern resolution?

Increase your Lines Per Beat setting.

If you already have existing patterns set to the old LPB value, then you will probably need to expand them to the new value using Advanced Edit. Set the mask to “Whole song” and then use the Expand function.

You might also try my Pattern Resizer tool, although it currently cannot process the entire song for you.

Yeah that just makes the song faster, it doesn’t space out the pattern data or increase the pattern length.

Edit: Aaah, okay let me try the Adv edit.

I edited my post :)

So did I :D

Thanks, still had to adjust the BPM int he end (after setting LPB from 4 to 16, then Expanding) but I’ll paly more - got the result I wanted in the end.

Thanks buddy!

If you go from LPB 4 to LPB 8 then you’ll need to expand once:
4 LPB -> Expand to 8 LPB

If you go from LPB 4 to LPB 16 then you’ll need to expand twice:
4 LPB -> Expand to 8 LPB -> Expand to 16 LPB

Keep in mind that a pattern can have a maximum of 512 lines (200 hex). So you should be careful not to expand too much, since you can hit this limit quite quickly. If you try to expand too much then some pattern data may be lost, but you will not actually get an error message when this happens.

If you use the default pattern length of 64 lines (40 hex), then you can safely expand 3 times before you will start losing data:
64 -> Expand to 128 -> Expand to 256 -> Expand to 512

Thanks again man! Yeah I’ve gotten the hang of it now. Busy re-mastering a song I started in FT2 around 2001), then finished in Renoise around 2003/4… phew, memories :D