[Solved] How To A Create A Multisample Instrument In Renoise 1.9?

Currently I’ve got Renoise 1.9 demo (probably upgrading to full version 2.8 soon). I’ve been using soft synths or just single samples up until now, I haven’t even tried creating my own multisample instruments. I read the online tutorial but it’s for 2.8 and I couldn’t find a v1.9 tutorial. Things are different in the older version, the list of samples doesn’t seem to appear in the Instrument Settings. How do you create a multisample instrument in v1.9? For example, I’ve got a number of sample libraries where the instruments are played live at different notes, instead of resampled. I want to be able to put those different notes into one instrument instead of having to load each single note into individual instrument slots.

Under the instruments list (the one on the right upper corner of the application ) there is another list which is the samples list for each instrument. Drag and drop each sample from the disk browser to this sample list In order to add samples. You should also be able to load groups of samples with the standard ways of performing a multiple selection In the disk browser.

After you have done loading the samples, go to the instrument editor. Select a sample from the sample list then, on the piano keyboard shown in the lower part of the instrument editor, click on the notes which you want to associate the selected sample to; a number different than 0 should appear, indicating that the sample has been associated with the note.

This is how it should be done in Renoise 1.9. I just used my memory as a reference so I may have made some mistakes

Thanks for the tips, that really helped out. I understand how it’s done now.

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Oh, BTW-- When you run into problems like this, why not just update to the 2.8 demo?