[SOLVED] How To Access Two Soundcards At The Same Time?

Hi, I’m running with a FireWire soundcard (4 inputs) and a CoreAudio built-in device which has 2 inputs.
I’ve got a Line-In device which patches the Line-Input from CoreAudio directly into Renoise.
What must I do to also be able to have a Line-In device which patches into the FireWire soundcard? i.e., how do I get Renoise to work with two soundcards at the same time?

I am confused about what you are trying to do. Are you trying to get Renoise to be able to record from both the built in inputs as well as the firewire soundcard at the same time?

I wish to accomplish two things:

Utilize FireWire soundcard inputs
Utilize chip-integ soundcard inputs.

Line-input device will be able to access both soundcard inputs and thus I could for instance have 6 line input devices to utilize the 4 inputs of the firewire soundcard and the 2 inputs of the chip integ soundcard.

Sample Recorder would allow me to select which of the 6 inputs to sample, irregardless of where the inputs are coming from.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to have a set up like this. I think you can only select one input source at a time. It’s kind of a pain, you may have to just swap the inputs in the preferences menu. You can still at least have all your sources hooked up and ready to go.

I am trying to think up a clever work around, but I am not too sure.

Well, there is one.
It involves using an Aggregate Device.
Setting Renoise to an Aggregate Device will allow one to access as many inputs as there the Aggregate Device has set up.

I’m glad to say that this works like a charm:

So now I’ve got a virtual device which gives me access to Mic-Input, Line-Input and each and every input of the FireWire soundcard. :)

Mind you, I have no idea how one would do this in Windows or in Linux. Does Jack do Aggregate devices on Linux?

On Windows we use one soundcard that already has multiple inputs so we would not need more soundcards to access. If you do, you have a problem on Windows i guess (If it is for using the inputs anyway).
In Jack you have the patch mechanism, as far as i can recall.

On windows you can use ASIO4All to bind multiple cards together. On windows it is possible to create similar aggregate device as on mac with ALSA configuration.

Either way, unless the cards are specially designed to be used together (get the clock from same source, etc) then you are looking for trouble on any OS. It’s a matter of time when it will glitch out on you.

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