[solved]How To Change Sounds/Banks On External Midi Gear


How do i change sounds on my roland XV5080 from Renoise?

For eksample: bank select MSB cc00 value 87 and then bank select LSB cc32 value 66 then prog.change 21

Then in midi control device i have tried cc 00 and value 87, cc32 and value 32 and correct PC in instrument settings
Does the instrument settings overide the midi control device regarding program change/selecting sounds
All is ON regarding receiving midi messages on the XV.

If i just select the correct bank on the XV itself and then select progam in instrument setting it works.
Why wont the bank change select work?
Changing bank in instruments settings just gets me GM presets on the XV.

any pointers ?


Perhaps your device doesn’t talk in Absolute 7 bit.
Have you also tried the MIDI commands directly inthe pattern effect column?:

Note:Put the instrument number that you want to change the bank and program from in the last notecolumn of the track
Use C0 in the panning column, then the ccvalue for bank select in the first two digits of the effect column and then the banknumber in the last two digits of the effect column.
Then use C3 in the panning column on the next line to perform the program change.

Hmmm, still no go, how do you choose beetween MSB and LSB?
PS. cant you just expand the effect column and add more midi commands on one line?

Why isnt’ there an option to choose MSB and LSB values in the instrument settings(yes i know they are in midi device settings, but still not how to actually pick MSB or LSB? or i’m a missing something here?
On Radium/Amiga the was an option in the instruments settings to just fill in desired MSB and LSB values and then preset value.( the XV worked there)

Anyway tried this on instrument 00
A-500 c0 0087
00 c0 3266
00 c2 21 C3 was CP so tried C2 instead for PC.

What i’m i doing wrong?

It reacts to program change from the instrument settings. but not bank change

Oh well, i just have to fiddle around a bit more a guess :P

Thanks anyway:-)

Yeah sorry, the C3 is my error.

Thing with LSB and MSB is you can have a big endian or little endian figure in the numbers world. In Midi world usually CC0 and CC32 are for bank select and then in a specific sequential order, but i guess you need a 14-bit figure. (General Midi 2 standard)

Here is what Wikipedia explains about GM2 bankselection:
General MIDI 2 compatible synthesizers access all of the 256 instruments by setting cc#0 (Bank Select MSB) to 121 and using cc#32 (Bank Select LSB) to select the variation bank before a Program Change. Variation bank 0 contains full GM sound set.
Note that hex value for 121 to send with CC#0 = 79!
If they need to be send at once, try to send the LSB figure in the next track.

So i guess your thing should look like:
—00 c0 0079
—00 c0 3266
—00 c2 0021
I would do the change at the end of the previous pattern though, so that as soon as you hit A-5, the bank and program has already changed, in your snippet you hit a note while the bank selection hasn’t been done yet. You don’t need to send a notevalue in order to send midi CC data to your device, only instrument number suffices.

If your device really needs 87 as CC0 value, than 87 in hex is 57 (you need to set the hex value in Renoise) Same goes for the LSB value, 66 is in hex 42.

If that doesn’t work you need to translate this kind of stuff and MidiOx is the tool that can do this for you currently, Unless Taktik has a tip how to broadcast a 14-bit midi message.



OK, finally got around to test again, and after reinstalling my midiinterface with new driver(midisport8x8s) i got it to work, well everything has to be sent in midi device settings for eksample cc00 87, cc32 67 and then PC in midi device settings and not in instrument settings, if i touch that after my CC sendings it goes bananas with suddenly GM sound bank or skipping presets???

So if i do all my midi CC and PC settings in midi device settings it works:-)
Wouldn’t it be nice to have CC control in midi instruments settings?

Oh well thanks vV :slight_smile:

I think if you change your Midi instrument settings it simply doesn’t like sending only a program change without resending the initial cc0 and cc32 commands.
That would indeed be better if the instrument midi preferences would support this natively.