[Solved] How To Create A Xrnx When Create Tool Tool Doesn'T Work

Hi, being a bit lost in here, unfortunately. The Create Tool Tool didn’t work for me (it didn’t even find the LUA Scripts that I’ve got installed, etc, and I just got really confused. Anyway, I just tried to zip a main.lua+manifest.xml into a test.xrnx and then drag the test.xrnx to the Pattern Editor, nothing happened. Also tried to zip a folder and then rename the folder to something.xrnx and run it in.
What am I doing wrong? :)

The create tool should create a new tool with the given name you set it to in the __My_Tool folder as a sub folder of the Tools folder.

What platform are you on?

OSX. It did make a new tool to __MY_tool - but how does that translate to a .xrnx that can be dragged to Renoise?

After having gotten a Tool made to __My_Tool folder, when I start Export Tool folder to XRNX file, it still shows “None” in the choosables, no matter if I write the author name in…

It doesn’t, all you then need to do is simply “reload all tools” and you should see an extra entry in the tool menu. No need to reimport a tool that is already availble.
If you want to create an XRNS, use the related “export tool” option in the scripting terminal’s file menu.

Reloading the tools did start showing the tool in Tool Browser. However, am I supposed to have a main.lua (for instance) open in the Scripting Terminal, in order to be able to Export the Tool?

'Phew, got it to work… Some interesting GUI glitches for the permanently confused :)

No, the export tool scans the parent folder that has been configured for it to look for tools. I hope the newest version directly sets the main path for the tools folder so it does find everything, but it could as well still points to the __My_Tools folder.
It then lists tools to export in the dropdown.
After you have exported the tool and possibly adjusted the manifest.xml contents, you can find the tool in the tools/XRNX folder if it has been sucessfully exported.