[Solved] How To Manage Tools

hy guys

i m a new user of renoise …so i m a dummy …

i would like to know where i have to put TOOLS in renoise …something like Programme/renoise/ and after ???

and when this is done …where i find them in renoise

Thanks for the answer…

hi ketuma, welcome to the community.

instead of being blunt and crying out ‘RTFM’, read the 2nd line here: http://tools.renoise.com/

so, you can download them wherever you want, and you drag and drop them onto Renoise from your download-location. after that, they are installed, so you may delete the downloaded tool. Renoise saves the tool in another location so keeping the tool would mean having it on your system twice.
easiest thing after that to keep your stuff up to date is to install the Update Checker & Installer Tool: http://tools.renoise.com/tools/tool-updater

after you have installed them, you may find them in different places. a tool can be programmed so that, for example, it only appears in the Mixer right-click menu, or the Sample Editor right-click menu. this is often true for tools that have a function targeting that specific section of Renoise. other, more ‘general’ tools you can access through the ‘Tools’ button in the Menu Bar. read the tool description when you download it if you cannot find out where it has gone, or try to find the forum-thread related to the tool for more information. if you still can’t find it, post a question about it in the tool’s forumthread, or if there isn’t any in another appropriate section of the forum.

good luck!

Drag and drop the XRNX file onto the Renoise window.

In Renoise: Help -> Show The Preferences Folder

Under ‘Scripts’ will be the path to your Tools.


Thanks but what is a renoise window (sorry i m french and i don t understand everything in english)

is it like ( nouveau dossier ) should i have to put a special name ???

C’est la façade de l’application elle même.

2327 drag_drop_example.jpg


Merci la j y vois plus clair…et apres je peux l enlever du bureau ??? (peut etre que m a question est un peu bete …mais bon !!!)

Oui. C’est ça.

Translation: After, can I remove the file from my Desktop? Answer: Yes, That’s right.

hahaha i gave him the full explanation and he didn’t understand half of it :)

That is not funny :unsure: i m sorry if my english is not good as it …and if all the forum in music are mostly in english… :D

but thanks for everything …

no man i wasn’t laughing at you, but at myself and how i wrote so much and it was all useless :)

the language is not a problem. as you have seen there are enough people speaking French around here to be able to help you out. and you will get better at English with practice. again, welcome to the community!

au revoir :)

Pas de probleme, just keep trying and keep reading, you’ll get better in time and you will gain much benefits of it and as said, if it seriously doesn’t work, we have folks her eof different nationalities who speak French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, German, Estonian and much more.

Thanks guys there is no problem i m sure if i don t understand anything i will find some one to help me …