[Solved] How To Save My Drum Instrument

I’ve always make samples and make my sampler instrument mostly with drums.

I made some samples and made a drumkit but, then I wanted to use that drumkit in another song.

Is it possible to save a drumkit in renoise like a instrument, so that I can grab that drum kit and start other sessoin with it?

oh yea and another thing. How do I send a pitch bend to the Chipsounds on the library. Those things sound great and sometimes I want to pitch bend this babies at live.

First put all your samples into one instrument and map them to keys correctly:

Then save that multi-sample instrument:
Disk Browser > Instrument > [enter a filename] > Save

Then simply load that into your new song.

Track DSPs > MIDI-Control Device > [Linked Instrument: chipsounds] > [Enabled PitchBend parameter]

Wow dBlue Thank you very much!