[SOLVED] How to start up Renoise directly into loading a sample into instrument box?

hi, i’m trying to get to the point where i do “something wav.wav” and wav.wav opens up in renoise in the sample editor.
this would really help with for instance being able to boot renoise up as a sample editor.

Here I understand that the initial order is in the operating system, not in Renoise.

For example, on Windows 10/11, if you use “open with” and select Renoise to open the xxx.wav file, Renoise does the following:

  1. Renoise opens with a new song.
  2. I guess it detects that it’s just a .wav audio file and automatically loads it into the first sampler slot of the first instrument.

With the API there is a way to open a song. Instead of opening the song, it opens a wav instead. It should do the same as described above. I have not tried it.

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i eventually figured out that all i need to do is go open -a /Applications/Renoise.app file.wav and it is opened to the selected instrument box directly. which is pretty much all i need.

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