[Solved] How To Stop Looping A Song: Failed To Change Command From F08


I’ve been working the beginner’s tutorial, but when I came to the part where you add a pattern effects command to stop the song from looping, the video says I should add a BPM global command, which shows up in the master track as F082, then the video edits that command to make it: F000 but it didn’t tell us how do we edit the command. I’ve tried everything but still failed to edit 082 to make it 000 instead. Would anyone please show me how to edit those numbers in that command?
(I’m using version 2.5)

Many thanks.

Press the escape key to toggle record mode. Record mode also means that you can edit the values. The red recording frame around the pattern editor needs to be visible and the cursor needs to be placed on the figures.

Thanks so much. I can’t believe I missed that!

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