[solved] How to stop Redux from constantly autosaving?

Redux autosaves the instrument every time I make any change to a parameter. Like if I shift a macro wheel a bit, it autosaves. Can this behaviour be stopped? Makes it stutter and such even with small instruments. It’s really annoying.


figured it out, it was Reaper, not Redux, have to set minima undo states for Redux in Reaper, problem solved.

actually i think the option should be given from inside redux. (in VCV host it’s the same)

Just if it’s helpful to anyone else:
This same problem happens with Bitwig (v3.11 currently) and there’s no way to stop it from happening. I’m working with fairly large sample pools and Bitwig makes Redux autosave like every 20 seconds which also makes the UI freeze for several seconds - I’m guessing due to undo states. Very, very annoying, unable to use Redux in Bitwig because of this.