[solved] Humanizing pre-delay

I just read from a magazine that I should improve my groove with pre-delay :) For example pulling hats forward -9 ms makes the beat faster and more energetic. What would be the easiest way to do this in Renoise?

I see that I can set/humanize delay-column, but that just moves notes forward? If I want notes to start just slightly before their current positions, I should probably move them one step up and then use delay column. But that’s not very easy to do for all tracks in a song?

Maybe there’s a VST to handle this, but I don’t think I could achieve the desired effect with just reverb pre-delay. And native way would be nicer, I like the way humanizing with delay forward works. But to move something the other way means moving notes or pushing everything else a bit further?

Move them all one line up, then use the advanced edit to add e.g. a value of 240 or lower like 224 to get all the notes towards against the next line.
Another thing instead of adjusting the delay column is adding a delay and then mute the dry signal (this trick works for the whole track).

But i suspect that the master tip here is simply set the track delay in the mixer a bit more backwards without having to shift the notes at all.

Of course, that’s the delay with negative value! After track pre-delay, some humanize delay into column and my groove should be just fine :) Thanks, this was a beginners question.