[Solved] Importing Midi Files Tempo Change/Send Track

Hi, maybe I’ve missed something in the manuals but here’s a couple of observations/questions…

  1. After importing a midi file into Renoise I can’t change the tempo from the transport pane.I can however change the tempo with pattern effects FOxx.

2.Again after importing a midi file into Renoise I can’t get Renoise to create a send track when assigning the send device to a track from within the mixer.

I’m running Renoise 2.1 on OSX 10.4.11.

Thanks for any info or pointers.


Hi, welcome to the forum.

I’m running OS X 10.4.11 as well. I followed your steps and it works fine on my system.

How are you importing the midi file ?

EDIT: Could you tell me more about the midi file your importing ?
EDIT: Maybe I can try to replicate the midi conditions your importing…
EDIT: Also, what are your midi import preference settings ?
EDIT: I’m testing it on version 2_5 RC1


1 -> Renoise will also import tempo automation form the MIDI files, if present. This always overrides the current transport BPM.
2 -> Place the cursor on the mast track, then insert a new track. This will add a new send.

Thanks for the info, problems solved :D