Solved: in middle of song, just recorded a new sample - how to start n

how do i go from "ok i have a 50 sample song with a definite mood, bpm and sonic scape, i just recorded something, this sample is taking me to the direction of another track – how do i go from “this is my sample that i want to keep” to “yay i’m in a new song with that sample!!!”
the previous song was saved, the instrument you selected was saved, and somehow pasted to the new track, and the new track starts anew from regular template.rns.


I think the only way is just to save the sample. I get the feeling you didn’t want to have to do this, but as far as I know, it’s the only way. (you can go into ‘instrument settings > sample’ right click and save, if you want a .wav )

Ok, I got a lot of help from mxb, but [managed to write a script]([Solved] Loading,Saving,Removing TMP files during document flush view findpost p 292539) that

  • saves the currently selected sample
  • creates a new song (asks if current should be saved, before doing it, of course)
  • loads the saved sample

You can load samples from within any previously saved song, no need to ever save the sample separately. Just browse to where the xrns song file is, click the little arrow next to it’s name to open the list of samples, load it into your new song from there.

Strangely (well I’ve always found it a little odd, although I can understand it saves Renoise having to read the song.xml from files which aren’t opened) you can only load samples from within a instrument, not a complete instrument.

You Just told me to “Save Song” “Create New Song”, “click on Disk Browser” “click on Song List”, “click on Folder with Song”, “Click on Song”, “Click + in Song”, “Find the sample”, “click on sample”.
This is at least 9 clicks with the GUI. I instead run a shortcut that saves the sample to a temporary folder, closes the song (prompts for save), creates a new document, loads the sample from the temporary folder.
that’s 1 shortcut and 1 click (to confirm save) away. :)
requires no recofusing on disk browser or thinking about directory structures or anything.
I do appreciate Renoise having “Load song from previously saved .xrns file”, that’s definitely very useful, but it’s just not as immediate as pressing ctrl-shift-N to take current sample to new song :)