[Solved] Infinite Sustain On Note-Off Mapped Sample

Ok pretty sure this should not happen.

I have a sawtooth based synth sample mapped to note-off.

It keeps playing regardless of the fact that have not looped the sample…meaning that when i enter a new note, the note-off mapped sample keeps playing over the new note resulting in a cacophony of noise.

I may very well be missing something, any shed light would be appreciated thx.

edit: o yeah ha ha…then to top it off, a another sample which I had layered over that one also mapped to note off would NOT sustain infinitely even though I HAD looped it! Nuts!!

Can you upload the .XRNI instrument?

doesnt give me option to here…could u pm me your e-mail addy n i will send it 2 u?

Pretty much any file host or dropbox would be fine, but here it is anyway: illformed (at) gmail (dot) com

Something to keep in mind here is that samples will never loop when assigned to a note-off layer, otherwise it would simply be impossible to stop the sound from playing. The only reason your note-off sound is playing so damn long is because the sample itself runs for 36 seconds :)

Your Note-Off layer is really quite a mess. It might not be obvious, but you actually have 3 mappings contained there. You have both your looped and unlooped samples mapped over the whole key/velocity range, but then you also have another zone hiding at the bottom mapped to velocity 0. Since you’ve actually disabled [Vel->Vol] and the envelopes for those keyzones, this indeed creates quite a horrible noise when it’s all combined together. The sounds are all playing together at maximum volume and for way too long.

My advice would be to simply delete your note-off layer keyzones, think about what you actually want to do here, and then carefully recreate your keyzones.

HAHA!!! oh dear, cheers m8…thx for your help…just started playing around w 2.7 yesterday!! Cheers again!! :)

edit: just an update: cutting the 36 sec sample to 9 got it to do what i wanted…thx dblue! :)