[solved] Instrument automation does not work TAL NoiseMaker VST


I have a track and instance of TAL NoiseMaker. In Device chain I put Instr. Automation and basically,

actions made from NoiseMaker (changing sliders and so) have reaction - change values inside Instr Automation. However, when I move instr automation sliders - they don’t move ones inside NoiseMaker. It looks like bug…

I use Renoise 32Bit - V2.8.0 (Built: Mar 14 2012) - http://www.renoise.com and TAL NoiseMaker…

Should I post bug to TAL developer or this is Renoise issue, or I messed up something? B)


You could have posted the URL to TAL noisemaker instead. Renoise.com is where you are already on :)
If the sliders in the Instr. Automation move but not in the plugin when you control the device, i suspect this looks like a bug in the plugin.
You could always attempt to link a different VST to it and try to see if the behavior is the same.

I have noisemaker, when i move by something in instr. aut. noisemaker reacts well. So, dont know what is your problem. But i am using renoise 2.8.1 and last version of plugin.

I checked on my Linux box and it worked, I so I tried to upgrade plugin - it works now.

Sorry for alert. :huh: