[Solved Itself?] Empty Song But 20% Cpu Usage?!

so yeah.

i dont know whats going on. but when i start renoise and there’s no loaded song and
if i press play, the cpu usage goes up to 20% …

and when i press stop it goes down again to like 1%… why is that?

i’ve a 965BE 3.41ghz quadcore cpu … this is v/weird !

nevermind… something must have fucked up my system.
i haven’t found anything in taskmanager or so causing this cpu load.

did a reboot and it works again.

teh ghost in ur puter stealing ur megahurtz? :ph34r:

yee … if me catch’m … he’ll be in big troublez!

Check your ASIO latency. Putting it very low (10ms or lower) causes your CPU usage to rise very quickly.

0.00000000000001ms, more likely; he’s running a quad core after all. :P