[solved] Keyboard doesn't work


Suddenly when i started Renoise the keyboard doesn’t work any more? pressing notes, ESC for enabling record mode etc… nothing?
If i open a file i can type in the filename?
It works here on this forum, since i’m typing from it now
I havent installed anything new other than regular windows updates last time it worked.
Can it really be any system spec that messes this up?
I have not tried to rollback to last update yet… nor tried to reinstall Renoise) yes it is full registered version:-) )
Just wanted to ask here before i do a little “trial and error”

Any pointers?

Spec:Quad 2,40ghz,4gb ram, 32 bit,vista business sp2,Nvidia Gforce 8800 GTX

Solved: removed Comodo firewall and it worked again, that said, AVG resently updatet itself to AVG 2013, go figure :slight_smile:

Perhaps a problem with DirectX? (DirectInput routines corrupt?)