[Solved] Linux: Beta V5; Can Not Install.

Just got this when trying to install beta v5

Fixing file permissions…
Installing shared resources…
Installing the executable…
cp: cannot create regular file `/usr/local/bin/renoise-2.7.0’: Text file busy
** Installation of Renoise 2.7.0 FAILED **

Any idea what the issue it, as I have used exactly the same method of install that I have used countless times before.

Have you tried closing previous version of renoise before running the install script?

Hey Suva!

Yeah, Renoise is closed.

It’s either running or some process is holding some sort of lock on this.

This might help you: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/binbash-bad-interpreter-text-file-busy/

I rebooted my computer, and it installed fine. Thanks for the help.