[solved] Linux, Elementary OS: Renoise window cannot be resized?

Consequently you cannot install any tools, since there is no way to drag them into Renoise (because there is no way to have Renoise and the file browser both visible at the same time).

Haven’t heard of it until now, but it seems they are using yet another new window manager called “Gala”, which is based on “Mutter”. It’s quite likely they don’t really support “custom” non decorated windows properly - yet.

Development seems to be very active, maybe they are interested in having a look at this problem too:https://launchpad.net/gala

We have added workarounds for Mutter in the past, enforced using the window manager’s decoration (window title bar and resize borders) to get that working. If necessary we could try applying this for Gala too.

Yes, that would be great. Especially since Elementary is one of the more popular distributions.

Could not verify if this is fixed in b5 - blindly applied the same workarounds for Gala that we’re applying to "Mutter"now. Could you please give this a try?

No, unfortunately the behaviour is still the same with b5.

Have you reported that to theGala crew already? If not I can give this a try…

Just have tried this with the latest version of Freya, 64bit, downloaded straight fromhttp://elementary.io/, but resizing works just fine in Renoise 3.0 and 3.1 b5. Which version of elementary OS have you tried this with?

Also not sure why this has prevented you from installing tools, so maybe you mean something else. Even when the Renoise window is maximized, you can tab to the file manager and drag and drop files onto the the Renoise window? Elementary starts Renoise maximized, and auto-hides the dock here, but if you hover the lower area or unmaximize the window it gets back.

I tested it on Luna. I could not focus other windows when Renoise was running, hence tabbing to the file browser did not work.

But if it works in the new version of the OS, everything is fine I guess :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking into this!