[solved] Linux: frozen audio after hibernation on Ubuntu

I was working on a track, left Renoise open and put my laptop in hibernation mode, after woking up the machine Renoise was somekind of frozen. I could click on somethings but nothing really happened and graphics got kinda glitchy. Happens everytime if going hibernation and back when Renoise open.

I am on Ubuntu 12.04

Hibernation is not really your friend with these kind of applications. You should put Renoise in the same class of applications that games are and you mostly cannot put your machine into hibernation when you are having a game running in the background.
Renoise is using the same style of drawing libraries that games use.(aside from if exclusive locked (audio) hardware likes to rewake from hibernation state)

Yeah, you are right. I was not sure is this bug or not. But just wanted to let you know because I almost lost new tune I was making.

It hat nothing to do with renoise. You should save before going to hibernate. In my case, when the audio driver died after hibernation, i restart it in the terminal like this:

sudo alsa force-reload

I found out that this is Alsa related. If I use Jack I can hibernate and come back with no problem.

I also tried that “sudo alsa force-reload” if Renoise is stuck when using alsa. But it just closes Renoise.

this also happens under Windows and with other applications indeed (Spotify is one of them, for example). Usually,

Edit => Preferences => Audio => Device settings => Reinitialize

solved the problem fastly, but sometimes a logout is needed

I tested this one more time with alsa because when returning from hibernation also the whole interface was stuck and I couldn’t click on anything. But this time I waited some minutes, and after that atleast menubars became reachable.

And then …

… and everything was rolling again :walkman:

It’s so damn hard to crash this software …