[solved] Linux: Jack Shutting Down


I have followed the Setting Up Linux guide, but I’m still having problems with Jack shutting down. It shuts down when Renoise starts, I go into the preferences and reinitialize it and it starts up OK again. If I then open a new song or select a saved song, it shuts down again. After reinitializing again, it then usually runs OK until I open another song.

The message in the log is usually:

zombified - calling shutdown handler
Renoise LOG> JACK: Jack is shutting down…

I’ve fully uninstalled pulseaudio so it can’t be that locking out the ALSA sound device. All the sound playback/record settings are set to ALSA.

Jack is usually very stable - I don’t usually get any xruns. I am using a Lexicon Omega interface on Ubuntu 8.04 (with XFCE desktop), realtime kernel2.6.24.23-rt, Jack version 0.116.1

Any help gratefully received!

if you use qjackctl frontend to configure JACK (if you don’t, do it :)), try if increasing the timeout time helps. it looks like Renoise cannot get JACK connection in time, so it thinks it’s hung

Yes, that seems to have worked. Started working when setting timeout to 2000.

Thanks for the tip.