[Solved] Linux: Renoise & Xmonad Window Manager Problems

Hello, bad lot :yeah:

Renoise cannot be used with XMonad window manager: all of the events for managing windows seem to be “silenced” by Renoise; i.e : it is not possible to toggle windows, resize windows etc

One might argue whether this deserves to be called a bug ? Still, it is cumbersome in that it required me to install a new window manager (xfce) to be able to use Renoise.

I understand that it is difficult to test your software with every WM under the sun, but OTOH I would believe that standards exist to specify how an app should interact with the window manager ?

I am using AVLinux 3.0R1, which is essentially Debian testing (Squeeze).


keys panel
uncheck “override window manager shortcuts”

using renoise with dwm just fine

well, sometimes one doesn’t even know about new window managers…

how can we extensively test all those ?


:blink: - OMG what a list… :lol:

OTH, most of them derive from a few common origins, they’re not all engineered from scratch.

I guess the most reasonable thing to do is to follow the available standards: http://standards.freedesktop.org/wm-spec/wm-spec-latest.html

Perhaps we should aim support to the most generic window managers and simply ignore the rest.
The amount of available window managers is a true plague. And combined with the enormous amount of different standards this makes it impossible to support all of them.
It is not worth the trouble imho.

Yes, sounds reasonable. But are there really an enormous amount of different standards? Apart from the one previously posted (freedesktop.org), what other standards are you referring to?

The OP’s problem was easily solved through an existing option in Renoise, so it was not really a question of differing standards, rather of helping a user find the correct Renoise configuration.

No ofcourse, configuration aids when possible sure make life easier, no sweat, but with that only guarantees can be submitted when it is a proven solution by a user who managed to fix the issue.
I solely mean (or solely back up Kraken’s idea) that the team alone cannot test out stuff on every available window manager to see if everything still works as it should and what tweaks would resolve the problem even if Renoise does not need internal surgery for that.

This worked like a charm, thanks very much !
Renoise now behaves perfectly well in XMonad.

No one here has suggested that the Renoise team should test every possible software configuration available on Linux; I understand it is not worth the pain, if even possible. Complying with standards is a whole different matter though, and I would think that every well-behaved window manager adheres to freedekstop.org standards ? Also, what is the advantage of the default overriding vm shortcuts ?

Anyway, thanks for the attention and the quick reply. I am very happy now that I have been told which button to push :dribble:

I think everyone agrees on that. And hopefully we can also agree that there is essentially only one standard, ie. freedesktop.org. Compliance with that is a reasonable goal.

And following the standard does just what we all want: frees the Renoise devs from testing on zillions of Linux versions. Instead let potential non-compliant distributors clean up their own act.

Well, that’s what the forums are for, isn’t it? - Helping each other tweak Renoise to the best of its abilities. And that goes for all available platforms, it’s not limited to X11.

All the best! :guitar: