[solved] Linux: Windows VST dont show up their GUI

i use airwave for bridging my Windows vst in linux.

It took long time until they load and i cant see their gui (i see transparent box, log doesnt say anything bad)

They are loaded in a second and i can see their gui.

Where is the problem with Reniuse? I cant remember this problem when i was using Renoise 2.8 + airwave 2 years ago…
Is it something with Juce?

Thanks a lot!

Is that for all vsts? I’ve come across one or two which do that but if you click the ExtEditor button twice (once to close and again to reopen) they show.

What linux distro and wine version do you have installed? You are talking about the linux version of tracktion and using airwave with it?

Iirc you have to use a wine version that has a certain patch activated (xembed protocol) for being able to use the gui functions. Maybe this is your problem, and tracktion handles something different working around the problem? Normally the vst guis should look just like the native plugins.

I had quite good results with the wine-rt from kxstudio. I seldom use it though, as I’m trying to keep on to more stable native stuff. Well - this wine version was probably configured with audio and vst bridging in mind. Some plugins can freeze my vst host though after a random time of usage (this can happen with some programs I run under that wine and load these vsts too, and also with other wine versions from different sources). The others load a bit slow and perform suboptimal in terms of cpu usage. But renoise will load their guis via airwave for me.

As for plugin scanning, yers, I also remember some plugs are very slow loading, some even crashing when trying to scan them, and many also resulting in xruns when opening/loading them, even when they are just scanned. This slow loading is also happening for the first time renoise scans them, afterwards it should use a faster, cached scan method. You can “debug” what is happening by deleting the plugin cache .db file(s) in the renoise settings folder to force a full rescan, and then watch the airwave manager lower window part with log level set to “debug” for all plugins or so, and the renoise status bar and log for which plugins are the bad boys.

  1. Ive got KXSTUDIO and Wine-rt
  2. Standalone Carla and Renoise dont show up any VST gui (ive got around 100 vst, so it is no problem with any specific plugin)…
    Reloading window doesnt help.
  3. Tracktion - show VST gui and loads vst much faster than carla or renoise.

Tracktion is made by people who made Juce so maybe there is something…
Maybe i miss some “graphic” library that Tracktion itself contains?

Also, which log are you talking about, the renoise one or airwave? If you haven’t already tried you could open airwave manager and look at the log window there, maybe set the plugins to a more verbose logging mode.

Ive tried it, everything looks ok.
Both airwave and renoise log.

Plugin work, they just dont have gui in any other host (ive tried) other than tracktion 7.

Maybe this will help.
On the left side: Airwave manager running through shell
On the right side: Renoise running through shell + running bridged bong (Tracktion: Loading times about 2 secs + i see window, Renoise: Loading times about 6 secs - i dont see the window)

Hi. This may sound stupid, but have you tried using just one monitor? From the screenshot I see you are using a two monitor setup. I can’t open airwave-bridged VST GUIs when I attach another screen to my laptop.

No, you are right!
It works now and plugins are opened much faster.

But why Tracktion doesnt have this problem (also with the same airwave…)?
I need to use two monitors :frowning:

I found a solution that is not great but i can live with it.

If somebody has the same problem:

Set your laptop monitor as a primary, not the external one!