[SOLVED] Loading samples takes forever (or up to two minutes)

I’ll be damned. This is my first REAL issue, in 18 years.

All of a sudden, Renoise have problems loading samples.
Loading a 1MB piano sample, takes nearly two minutes. No matter if I double-click in file browser. Drag and drop from file browser or drag and drop from system.
It does not matter where I load from. Internal drives, external drives or network drives.

Opening songs (with hundreds of samples) is not a problem.
I can also load preset multi-samples and Renoise instruments (that conatin samples) I have created.
VSTi does not have an issue.

It only apply to .WAV .FLAC eg. files

Renoise freezes. Does not use more CPU or RAM.

Anyone ever experienced something like this?

Does the log file say anything trying to load these samples? Did anything change recently, updates in os other software installed?

So this is a problem only for one specific sample? Not for all samples?

Are you sure that the piano sample file is not corrupted?

  • Log file gives me nothing
  • I can’t find any updates or changes that have occurred recently

No. It happens for all samples. The piano was just an example. Seems the size is irrelevant. The worst case, after I wrote the topic, was a 61Kb sample, that loaded for nearly five minutes.

I can preview the samples just fine. As soon as I try to load it, Renoise goes unresponsive.

I completely removed Renoise and reinstalled it. Problem is still there. I do suspect there is something going on with the system, and Renoise is not to blame. However. The loading of samples in Renoise, is the only issue I have encountered. Working with samples anywhere else, works just fine. Eg. loading a sample in a Renoise instance of Phase Plant.

Something must have happened over night. Cause everything was working perfectly the day before.

Seems weird, there are no matter with other softwares?
I would advice to check at first if there are no malwares or other process that can slow your computer.

What os are you using, can you share the samples?

How stupid can one be?
I had an encrypted USB-stick inserted :flushed:

Update: It was not the USB-stick as I first suspected. It was a symlink to another external drive that caused the problem.


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