[Solved] Lost My Memorystick With Registered Renoise Version

SO yeah fuck , I lost my memory stick with has a registered version of renoise on it .
WHat should I do ?
I am just saying this and hoping that the founder of the stick is to stupid to reliaze that it’s a music program , worst case scenario = my registered copy will be leaked on the internet .

That sucks man. I hope it ends well.

Yeah. That’s the first word that came into my mind. Second one: shit.
Crap like that happens to everybody so don’t be too hard on yourself. If some kind of weird license agreement shit hits the fan and you need to buy another license, I can pitch in with, say, ten bucks… I’ve been saved from facepalm stuff like this by other people so many times.

The only thing that i can hope for you is that you will never receive that friendly email that your account is locked. As far as i know, your account will only be locked if your copy is being spread.

Aside from that, log into backstage and download again.

Shouldn’t there be a way to be able to lock your account and get a new register ‘code’?
If needed for a small fee, just like when you lose your bank pass/credit card.

I was thinking, if you had ReNoise installed on the key, but did not have the installer itself on the key, wouldn’t it be kind of difficult for it to be distributed as warez in this manner?

Well , since I don’t have an internet computer i downloads all the betas and final versions from on a public computer …straight to the stick
There are a huge amount of programs and unfinished songs on the stick …If I am not mistaken , my native instruments reaktor serial nr.is also on it , but since installation of reaktor on a new computer requires a new acitivation , it isn’t that much of a problem .
Luckily all the songs are backed up on a second hard drive …
But yeah …hopefully my licensed renoise will not be spread across the interwebz
@mnoki that would be really generous .
Thing is , my licens finishes at ren 2.9 …so I had to upgrade sooner or later .
Just wanted to let the developers know .

That won’t be necessary, someone finding a registerred copy of Renoise doesn’t automatically has access to the backstage.

False alarm , it fell behind the radiator at a friends place ., :)


This is good news to say the least. I am glad it turned out OK.