[Solved] Major Audio Glitches X64

G’day all,

I am having major audio glitches in Renoise (2.7RC -> 2.8b3)using MBox 2 (driver: and Windows 7 64Bit

I’ve never had issues like this although I believe it is the first time I have tried it in the 64 Bit OS.

If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it :)


Renoise plays the samples clean if I trigger one on its own…
but when playing a song, even the pattern line visually stutters at the same time as the audio.
adjusting the buffer size has no effect.

Ive tried different cables, different drivers etc and have done the usual audio tweaks -nothing win7 specific though ( just the ol’ tweaks for XP )

Media plays fine, demoscene prods play fine …

plenty of RAM,

… could it be my harddrive on the verge?! Is my usb port too slow ? Dunno, just thinking on screen.

anyone else had / have issues with mbox 2 + 64bit + Renoise ?


After re-installing both versions of Windows 7 (x86 and x64) a number of times I decided to unplug all the cards and memory and use contact cleaner etc, and basically ‘re-build’ the computer IT IS ALL WORKING 100%.