[solved] Mapping Virus TI channels to Renoise tracks

I have Virus TI external synth connected with USB to my workstaton. In Renoise Instrument Settings I can choose VST Virus TI for the first instrument. The for second, third etc. instruments I choose VST alias Virus TI and in Program Slot number corresponding to Virus Instrument channel. This works ok.

Then again in Instrument Settings I can map Output of each Virus USB Out to a Renoise track. Virus TI has three USB stereo outs to choose in instrument channel Common settings. And I can see three busses to use in Renoise Instrument settings. This works ok.

But now I have more than three Virus instruments in my song. I can map them to only three Renoise tracks. For the fourth Virus TI instrument I have to choose already existing Renoise track, so the signal will be shared.

The question: Is it possible to link more than three Virus instruments to a separate Renoise track somehow? I would really like to control EQ of each Virus instrument individually with my Pro-Q. This means all my 5 virus TI instruments would need a different Renoise track, right?

You should use the analog outputs for more separate tracks. Route them into renoise.

Yes, it seems that via Virus USB you can have three outputs only. And it’s quite annoying that I cannot have several VST instances loaded like with soft synths.

I wouldn’t want to mess with analog cables, but that’s probably the only way to go for more audio signals from Virus into Renoise tracks. Anyway, this is probably not a Renoise issue, but Virus feature.