[Solved] Master Vumeter Clip - Warning

Can’t that red box show up when you’ve actually had a clip? Now it’s just there all the time. And I have at least -7db of headroom all the time.

If it wouldn’t stay there all the time, you might miss it.

Something similar happened to me while experimenting with dblue’s glitch on a particular high sound, filtering out some high frequencies seemed to fix the problem. Depending on our age, we’re deaf to high sounds/clipping :(

I have a hearing problem (that’s not age related). That might be it. Haha. Will check.

I’ve read an article this week that said that from the age of 25 we can’t hear what we did hear as teenagers.
I thought that article was here somewhere, can’t remember it at the moment (an age-related problem too) ;)

Okay there wasn’t actually an issue. And I had no suggestion. Sorry for the thread. :rolleyes: