[Solved] MIDI delays, crackle and digital shenanigans

Hello all,

Not sure if this belongs here, but since I am a beginner, better safe than sorry.

I just built a new computer system for music and recording, just installed renoise for the first time. Been having a great time learning the program and I’ve only ran into one weird issue.

It seems that if I walk away from Renoise for a bit and the computer goes to power saver mode, when I come back I’ve got midi input lag and crackles and noise in my audio. At first I was very perturbed, but found out that if I just restart renoise, all the issues go away.

Is this normal?

Here’s my setup if that info is needed:

Intel 8700k, 16gb ram, Win10
MOTU 8M interface
MOTU midi XT 8X8 for midi

Thanks for any info!

It’s not power saver that does it… just let it sit during dinner, came back and it’s fine. Must be something else that causes it.

try re-initializing your soundcard in the prefs when you come back

I thought the same thing and switched from MOTU/ASIO to realtec and then back again. Made no difference. The real humdinger is the delayed MIDI input making it impossible to live track. I’m using an Arturia Keylab Essential hooked up via usb as my controller.

Odd mystery, indeed.

Mark this one solved. After updating all MOTU drivers this issue went away it seems.