[Solved] Midi Keyboard Latency Increases With Large Projects?

I got this strange thing that if i use a lot of instances of these larger vst’s like omnisphere, trillian alchemy etc etc the notes i hit on the keyboard start getting delayed although the latency is the same in the audio setup as before. so when i hit a note on my midi keyboard the sound that comes is a bit delayed, although the song itself isnt playing, cpu usage is not high and the audio latency is the same. why is this happening? large vsts somehow increase input/output latency? and its totally same with PDC on or off. idas? im using 2.8.0 b5 64 bit, have i5 750, 8 gigs ram, tc electronics konnekt 24d soundcard.

fisrt, this should go on the 2.8 Beta thread…

Second, Is this on windows?

finally Are your VSTs legit?

ok i just troubleshooted my own problem. isotope ozone on the master track is responsible for the delay, i guess its time to process the master signal does the delay. sorry for this delete topic!