[Solved] Midi Latency Of Line Return Again Out Of Sync/reintroduced

Hi taktik,

it seems that the following bug has been reintroduced again:


I did the following:

  • Adding an ext. midi track
  • Adding a line return device to the same track
  • muting the direct output of the midi device
  • Go to mode “midi return mode” in the line return device
  • ADC is activated
  • Midi compensation is activated

If I select a audio device latency of 40ms, I clearly can hear a ~40ms delay of the midi device audio output.

There seems to be no difference between “midi return mode” and “live recording mode”.

You can hear this delay in realtime rendering, too.

Here are 3 examples, the only external midi instrument is the voice “aaaah”.

Example 1, device delay 3ms, no channel delay: http://tstlab.virtualcreations.de/test-smoother-g29f-delay_plus3.mp3
Example 2, device delay 40ms, no channel delay: http://tstlab.virtualcreations.de/test-smoother-g29f.mp3
Example 3, device delay 40ms, -40ms channel delay: http://tstlab.virtualcreations.de/test-smoother-g29f_minus40.mp3

It should nearly sound like test-smoother-g29f-delay_plus3.mp3…

Did I setup anything wrong? Please help.

Sorry, this thread can be closed ^_^ I did not use Renoise some months and forgot that I also have to select “line ret” in the midi external device dialogue… Hell, this is really complicated. But I wonder that my song did not save the correct settings…