[Solved] Midi Mapping Load On Startup

Hi! I’m new to renoise, but not new to DAW’s

I have an AKAI MPK 61, and I made a mapping for renoise that fits my work flow
well, I saved it but, every time I load renoise the mapping is not applied
so I have to load it again and again.

Is there something i’m missing?

Thanks in advance ;)

I believe MIDI Mapping are saved per Song.

Save a new Template Song.


(That’s the Song Settings tab in the lower pane.)

In fact the second paragraph of the page on MIDI Mapping tells you to do exactly that!

"MIDI mappings are saved along with your song, unlike the keyboard mappings in the preferences. This way you can create unique MIDI mapping sessions for every song and also share the settings by either using Template Songs or by importing/exporting common MIDI mappings in the MIDI dialog (see below). "


Issue Solved!