[Solved] Mod Defaulting To 31 Ticks

http://www.mediafire.com/?3d825eb2s3bvf2h <–that is the mod

I delete the F106 on the first row and change the ticks to 4 and then press play. The ticks are now 31…huh?

Has this sort of thing already been discussed?

When you say you changed it to 4 ticks, you mean you changed F106 to F104?

Edit: ah, I see… deleting F106 and then pressing play makes the tick speed automatically turn to 31. Strange.

If you go to song settings, you can ‘upgrade’ this song to the new lbp (lines per beat) system instead of the old speed, and set ticks per line in the song settings as well. Probably can’t open it in a mod player after saving though, but I’m not sure.

first of all, if you are looking for a perfect MOD player, then Renoise is not your choice: Renoise compatibility for other formats such as MOD, XM, IT, S3M or similar is very basic, if not unexistent, and normally works as a bare basis for a remake of your older modules rather than a player.

that said, as jonas already pointed out, you should clarify what do you mean with “change the ticks to 4”. If you mean putting an F104 command, then everything seems to work right to me, since the tick speed is correctly set to 4.

Anyway, by only removing F106 command, without putting any new command into the pattern, you are not giivng to Renoise any hint about the current tick speed, that’s why it goes to 31. You may state that 31 is not a good idea for a default value for tick speed, and indeed it is not the default for standard Renoise modules; this looks more like a bug in Renoise’s MOD support, but should be easily overcomed by actually setting a value for tick speed.

as Jonas already pointed out, you should use the new, Ticks Per Line based playing engine, by pressing on the “upgrade to latest version” button, as explained above by him

edit: if by “change the ticks to 4” you meant using the F2xx command to set the number of ticks per line to 4 (F204), then this won’t work until you use the aforementioned button, since ticks per line were not used in MODs; you should use the F104 command to set tick speed to 4 because F2xx command will be uneffective in older songs

edit2: whoa, now I finally got what you meant, sorry. yes, you need to put a F104 command explicitly into the song; manually setting the ticks speed using the spinbox will not work

There is a “F11F” command at the end of the song, in “Track 01”. You do have to remove this one as well.

good find: Renoise will look ahead to find the first available speed command and will find that F11F