[Solved] Mod Wheel Recording Coarseness

ive been trying to record my mod wheel but rather then a smooth transaction it just jumps along! rather annoying :(

pitch wheel too !

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So, 1) what are you talking about? Are you recording in the automation panel or the pattern editor? (You can do both, did you research this?) You can get higher resolution with a bigger LPB, did you try this? Really, what did you try and what didn’t work?

  1. Define improve.


basicly as im recording my lead parts and moving the mod wheel around it doesnt really get the ‘slide’ say if i was to move the pitch wheel up… yes it will pitch up but not smoothly! it will jump from note to note! try it out you will se what i mena, i would do automation but you can only put makers ON the beat which is rather anoying!

What LBP (Lines / Beat) are you using?

Have you considered temporarily expanding the size of your patterns with a higher LPB for the parts that need higher resolution?

Like instead of 4, use 32. The pattern will scroll much faster, but this will allow for a “smoother” recording.

The recorded data has to go somewhere, if you only have 4 lines per beat… well, you’ll have four parts to your transition.

Make the LBP bigger.

The Advanced Edit (View => Show Pattern Advanced Edit) has an “Expand” button.

righhht, i went there then clicked cut/copy/paste (was the only place with expand. and yeah it expanded but just doubled the distand with everything! hense making it slower :(

figured it out now :) thanks! x