[solved] modify vst parameters with mouse and play with keyboard


I have a problem with doing sound design. I can’t modify vst parameters with mouse and play on my keyboard (apple wireless keyboard) at the same time.

This is very annoying. I have a midi keyboard and this allows me to play and modify vst parameters with the mouse simultaneously. But sometimes i don’t want to use the midi keyboard only just my regular keyboard.

Is there somewhere a setting to allow me this?


If you look at the following screenshot, there is a small checkbox in the frame of the plugin window (Enable Keyboard).

When enabled, keystrokes are passed on to the plugin. If the plugin does not handle keys, nothing will happen - that’s up to the plugin itself to define.

When disabled, they should be passed on to Renoise and trigger notes, as usual.

Try disabling the checkbox and see if it helps?


i don’t see that option. There is only the message “no focus option for bridges plugins” :(.

what does that mean?

I found it:

Uncheck “run plugins in sandboxes” (plugin option tab at preferences)

uncheck keyboard in vst.

now it works.

thnx :slight_smile:

problem solved