[solved] More Space In The Forum Inbox

This is the second time now that I’ve had my forum inbox overflow… I’m somewhat concerned that I’m missing messages. Can you guys up the limit from 50 messages to something more reasonable… say 500?


  • Mr Popular B)

Hehehe… ok… thanks Bantai =D

I also noticed that it doesn’t store sent messages… which kinda bugged me once because I forgot if I sent one out or not … but yeh … I’ll stop whining now

Thanks again! tips hat

in order to store sent messages, you have to check the “Add a copy of this message to my sent items folder” checkbox when composing a new message.

btw thanks, I ran out of message space lot of time ago, so now I got a 50% of free space again!

What bugs me is that it doesn’t let you know if you’re missing messages :(