[Solved] Mouse Scroll Wheel Bug/Incompatibility

Hi there, just got a new mouse today; “Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000” and found, just inside Renoise, some problems with scrolling. It appeared as if I had to scroll the wheel a hundred times to get the view to move up/down vertically. Other applications like my web browser, notepad etc worked fine.

Fixed the problem by unchecking “Enable mouse wheel acceleration” inside Renoise’s preferences (Under the ‘Keys’ tab). Seems perhaps something in renoise is conflicting with the data being sent by my mouse?

Just thought I’d post in case it caught anyone else out. I was reinstalling drivers and changing mouse options for a couple of hours :P

with Renoise v2.5.1

No, this is simply a problem with Microsoft’s fancy mouse driver for your mouse offering a ton of extra control options operating generic controls that most applications interpret on their own proprietary way.

Luckily for you, most likely in their mouse-driver, you can configure “how many” lines an application should scroll up or down and if this figure is set to “1” then this is most likely also what Renoise does:simply scroll one line.
By turning the “mouse wheel acceleration” you tell Renoise to simply always apply a default amount of scrolling when it receives an up or down message and ignore the system value.
In certain cases Renoise might not understand the message and then triggering this checkbox is the only way to fix it.

This funky MS mousewheel driver thing only occurred for me since the upgrade to Win7 x64. Winamp’s volume control suffers similarly, but Firefox is fine. There’s an asymmetry about it too (for me, at least): scrolling upward is effortless, but scrolling downward must be done with vigour, as though “smaller downward scroll-velocities are being clipped” - it almost feels like the asymmetrical rounding one gets using FLOOR() or CEIL() on a number between -2 and 2…!

I wonder how Firefox handles it. It’s open source so the answer’s out there :)

thanks for this tip.
thought i had tried this before, but now this is working well.