[Solved] Mp3/Ogg Compression For Samples

Hi again. I wrote module based on samples but the file is kinda big (18 MB). Is it possible to convert sample to some lossy compression? I found only WAV and FLAC.

Is that 18 mb in .wav or .flac? If .wav, converting to .flac already reduces size considerably, otherwise try this:


It’s FLAC. I tried to use this compressor but it can’t open my file. Is it working fine with 2.7?

Haven’t tried it myself in years, guess it hasn’t been updated yet for 2.7(?). Maybe you can pm the creator about it or hope he reads this thread.

what the compressor does is basically extracting the XRNS file, take the WAV/FLAC files, compress them to OGG and then create a new XRNS file with them.

XRNS files are actually renamed ZIP files so you can do this manually:

  • download oggdropXpd, a software which can convert sound files to OGG by simply dropping them on the application icon
  • make a backup copy of yourfile.xnrs
  • rename yourfile.xrns to yourfile.zip
  • open the file with a ZIP manager
  • drag and drop sound files from ZIP file to oggdropXpd
  • remove the sound files from the ZIP file
  • locate the OGG files and add them to the ZIP file in the same structure as they were in the ZIP file
  • rename the ZIP file to XRNS

Sounds scriptable :wink: , but yeah, native .ogg support compression would be nice to have.

Well, I will do this way soon :). Thanks for advice, I hope it will solve my problems.

I use hybrid LossyWav and Flac, that gives me regular Flac approx. 320kpbs at output. And I’m 3 times happier than usually.

As I type this, the xrns_ogg.php script still works fine from my tests: