[solved] Multiple VST Outputs Not Always Working

Having some problems here with the multiple outputs …komplexer and shortcircuit vst
Assigning each parts of the vst ( a multitimbral part) to an output bus doesn’t always work …resulting in crackled noise etc …Saving the file and reopening it solves the problem …
It’s kinda hard to reproduce …just take any vst that has multiple parts and play around with the renoise setup routing …like I said …doesn’t always work .
Running renoise 2.0.0 ffinal

Ok some more info …komplexer vst has 4 parts ( i create 4 aliases each its own midi channel and its own output bus )
Part 1 = bus 1
part 2=bus 2
part 3=bus 3
part4=bus 4

Works ok …then when changing an output like say part 3 to bus channel 7 …results in no sound …only saving an reopening solves it

Oh yeah major breaktrough …
This problem only occurs on ( working on my brothers computer for the moment ) a quad core system …when I change the multi core support to 1core I can freely reroute the outputs as many times as I want …enabling the 4 cores support results in the problems as described above

Click on the question mark [?] in the upper right of the plugin (located in the DSP chain, or Instrument settings) and try playing with the Compatibility options.

Not all VST are multi-core compatible.

yep figured that out by now …thanks anyway