[Solved]Need help for a midi controller

Hello my friends and greetings from Greece.So i am starting to learn this super tool Renoise and i need your help to choose from these controllers.

Akai APC Key 25 Akai MPK Mini MkII Novation Launchkey Mini MK2

I need something that gives me the best control over Renoise like Novation gives for Ableton

Basically all you have will work fine.

Though you have to be wary that in Renoise you need to program for it, or have a template from a user to controll everything.

Don’t get the APC Key 25. The grid is useless in Renoise. I sold mine because of this.

The best controller in this range and size I’ve used in Renoise is the Reloop Keypad. Completely underrated imo. It has plenty of buttons, knobs and encoders to assign. The built quality is crap, one of the encoders on mine has failed and the pads are not super sensitive but it has so much tightly packed in a small square surface. Couple that with a Launchpad and you’re controlling most of Renoise through controllers.

I have an Akai MPK mini that I like a lot. Smallish, but still decent sized keys. Plus some pads and knobs that are easy to map into Renoise (i.e. split the Akai output so that the pads trigger percussion while the keys do something else.)

I also have a Novation Launchpad, an older model (now discontinued) that I rarely use.

I seem to prefer normal piano-style keyboard entry. The QuNexus from Keith McMillen gets a lot of use as well. Pretty compact, great when there’s limited space or when travelling.

The Reloop looks slick, sort of like the MPK but with expanded pads.

You’ll have to sort out how you plan on using Renoise, how many pads you’d want, size of piano keys, durability/reliability, etc.

Thanks for the help friends.I thinkNovation Launchkey Mini MK2 is what i need, compact and good forlive jamming and recording on the fly.

Another question is what is the best way for recording vocals?I have fl Edison and it does a very good job but it is not very stable in Renoise.Have a nice day and again thanks for your help

I use Reaper when recording vocals.

I export backing tracks from Renoise, set them up to loop in Reaper, and record multiple takes. I then “explode” the takes to separate tracks and comp the best sections. (Reaper has an OSC interface so I wrote some code to let me use my phone to quickly toggle muting on tracks to make A/B stuff easier.)

Reaper is a great standard DAW. I also use it for pitch/speed adjustments and mastering.

Reaper is one of the best Daws thats for sure and i am very well familiar with it .I was just hoping that was a way to just use Renoise for everything.

Renoise does have a built-in recorder. You could use that. I’ve been using it for recording shortish synth or bass guitar lines.


However, I don’t like Renoise for editing recordings if I have to do more than trim or normalize or adjust a few peaks.

Also, on multiple occasions I have hit the wrong keys to exit recording and then nothing was saved.

For me, Reaper is far more reliable and easier to use, especially for anything more than a few measures ong.