[Solved] New Pattern Length

I think I’ve read something about this way back, but can’t find it so I ask (again):

Let’s say I create a pattern and change the length to 48.

When I clone this pattern the length stays the same.

When I create a new [empty] pattern the length of this new pattern is automatically set to 64.

Is there a way to create a new one with the same length that the current pattern has? Oh, yeah, I’m on a Mac.

Not exactly, but you can set your Default Pattern Length in the Song Settings panel. This will dictate the length of any newly created patterns.


what i just do is have a single (empty) pattern which is, say, 48 lines, then copy that 30 times, then work inside that. of course when you go switching between patternlengths that won’t always work.

Ah! Thanks @dblue and @rhowaldt! Two ok techniques that I didn’t even think of myself. :)

It would be nice if there was a shiff-control-right-click (or whatever is available) to create a new pattern with the same pattern length as the current one. Just sayin’…

Clone Pattern - Ctrl+K
Cut Pattern - Ctrl+F3 (I think…)

Tried to check but the shortcuts page is missing: http://www.renoise.com/help/KeyBindings_win.xml

lill o.t. :) , but why can’t we still create 1024 line patterns, or even 2048 / unlimited? :yeah:

I would like edit step up to 512. :P