[Solved] New Renoise, New Laptop, Keyboard Annoyances

Just bought a new laptop (64bit Win7 Vaio) and installed Renoise 2.8b so I can get on with working with 64bit plugins. However, since moving from my old set-up I’ve now got an annoying issue with keypresses - I have to press the caps lock key twice to enter a note-off command in Renoise. It’s like the first press doesn’t do anything and the second enters the note-off.

I’ve never come across this before. Is this a Windows thing, a Renoise thing, or a Vaio thing? How can I fix it?



I did not know this was possible…

So this is my solution too…

as other said, this has been fixed in Renoise 2.8. It is a problem with how DirectInput (part of DirectX libraries dedicated to input devices like the keyboard) handles the CAPS LOCK key.

DirectInput is actually depreciated since DirectX 8. Any reason Renoise isn’t using WM_INPUT for mouse and keyboard on Windows?

don’t take my words literally, I’m not a developer of Renoise code; I remember I read about DirectInput issues regarding this problem, but I may not remember correctly. It’s very unlikely that Renoise is still using a so long deprecated API.

for a better reference, the related thread is here

Yeah and I’ve only ever seen mention of work on a Workaround, which implies to me that DirectInput is still being used but I could be wrong… Seems about time maybe this should be updated to the recommended way of inputting if it hasn’t already been.

The only thing we’ll then do is exchanging those problems with others. We are heavily making use of low level keyboard stuff which applications usually don’t do: using caps lock as a regual key, just like modifier keys and a lot more. This will break and will be a pest to maintain with whatever API.

Fair enough. It’s continuing to work for you for the moment. As it’s not supported let us hope it’s not dropped in Windows 8 (or 9/10 etc) as then you will be suddenly be forced to go with a new (for you) method.

Just seemed, when you were spending time fixing the double-press on CAPS Lock fault, moving towards something more future proof may have been worth consideration.

“A” works perfect for me ! Seems the best solution, + 1 for making it default !

It is a default secondary binding in 2.8 is it not?

I ment thanks renoise team for making A default in 2.8 . sorry for the confusion .
I had it assigned in the past to A but when I reinstalled I have forgotten I had that binding. Now I have a other computer and I downloaded 2.8 beta and found out about A by pressing it by mistake. I was pleasantly surprised !

What an education this thread has been, thanks very much everyone!