[Solved] Note Insert Makes Pattern Editor Jump Lines.

I’ve got a relatively simple problem. Using Renoise 2.8, whenever I insert a new note, the pattern editor jumps 7 lines from the point i’ve inserted the note, so if I insert a note on line 00, it’ll place the note on 00, then the cursor will jump to line 07.
I’ve searched through all the preferences, and there don’t seem to be any options that would cause it to do this, or allow me to change the program’s behaviour in this instance.
Can anyone shed some light on why it’s doing this and what I can do to fix it?

It sounds like you have edit-step set to 7

To set it to 1 again press Ctrl + 1 (replace 1 with whatever step you require)

The GUI button for this is on the pattern bar below the pattern editor, more here:


You might also know you can place notes on the same line (chords) by holding the Shift key while pressing the keys. On letting go it will then jump the Edit Step amount down.

Well, I feel stupid. I wasn’t even aware there was a setting for that. Thank you!

No probs theres a lot to learn in any music prog/DAW no need to feel stupid.

Kazakores tip is a nice tip/ timesaver to learn aswell.