[solved] Note-Off with multitimbral VSTi (farbrausch) doesn't work


when I try to load Renoise 3.0.1 songs produced entirely with the multitimbral version of the farbrausch v2 synth (one instance and several aliases of that instance) into Renoise 3.1, Note-Off for all aliases only works on one Renoise note column.

You can have a look at the attached minimal non-working example XRNS. I added an instance of the VSTi (non-single) and two aliases. The presets are changed via MIDI program change commands. The free VSTi version of the synth can be downloaded here.

The behaviour can be reproduced as follows: Load the example XRNS and trigger/release a note on the first column for one of the aliases: the note stops/fades as expected. Now Tab-jump to one of the columns except the first one and again trigger/release a note: it continues playing. When you now click the Stop button, the current column becomes the new “first column” which allows Note-Off while all others ignore it. This can be repeated indefinitely. :slight_smile:

Seehttp://forum.renoise.com/index.php/topic/45696-stuck-notes-triggering-vsti-with-aliases-on-more-than-one-track/ please

Uh, sorry that I missed the topic!

No prob, really, and thanks for reporting. Just trying to organize things.