[Solved] Opening Midi Files

I’m not a fan of the midi format but sometimes I think it can save a huge amount of time when composing a remix.

The problems are on most of midi files i tried :

  • Something like 200 patterns added before the song begining.
  • No options to auto fill the midi device used for each instrument in the song.
  • And the worst, the rythm sound terrible.

I have uploaded a midi file here you can clearly see the differences between a random midi player (Winamp, SynthFont or whatever) and Renoise.

I think this is a well known problem so are we going to have some updates on this soon ? And if someone have a solution to reuse easily a midi file with Renoise your help would be appreciated.

I loaded MID files sometimes and never faced with this issue and I have never seen such an issue reported to the forum so I wouldn’t call it a known problem. Anyway, your post has no link to the uploaded file

I’ve forgot the file… Edited.

I think my rythm issue is due to a latency, between the device i use. I think i can fix that and it’s independent from the Renoise/midi system.