[solved] Ordering issue

Let me preface this by stating that I have already tried to contact the Renoise team via the form under Help > Contact on the main site. Submitting redirects me to a page which displays both ‘message sent successfully’ and ‘message failed to be delivered’ notifications. At this point I am unsure how else to proceed.

I have ordered Renoise and the transaction is listed on my bank account. I received an email confirmation for the receipt, but not a second mail containing registration info. It was stated that the two would be sent, yet the second never arrived. I am wondering if there are others that have ordered and not received the mail, or if there are ways to get in touch with the developers if the contact form fails. I am now in a position where the product has been bought but I am unable to use it.

I’d like to point out that the intention of this post is not to serve as a criticism or complaint, but to resolve the problem so that I can start using the software. Any help would be appreciated.


I also tried to connect to the IRC channel before posting here, however the /join command returned an error that I was not allowed to connect to the server.

Can’t speak for the mail system but the IRC channel is alive and kicking.
I’m sure a developer will notice you here soon, even though today at this time of the day is not the best of times, so be a bit patient.

And last but not least: Welcome to the community.

I just treated myself by purchasing a new plugin toy. Waited for the download link for what seemed like an eternity. Went to sleep in despair. Morning - in a flash of genius I checked my spam folder. Presto. Maybe you have the same situation?

If not, the team hangs out here constantly so I’d say there’s no doubt your issue will be resolved somehow.

Hi 3soulz,

I have had a few people asking about this on #renoise IRC. It appears that the email server for renoise.com is down as password reset emails are also broken, but I am not an admin for the site and cannot confirm what the issue is.

I have raised the issue with the core team and hopefully it will be sorted soon.

Thank you (and others) for your patience.

Hi 3soulz,

This was an issue earlier today but it should be fixed now.

I just now tested by resetting my password ( using http://backstage.renoise.com/app/userArea/control/forgotpass.page ) and it works for me.

Your username is your real name, the one you used to pay for Renoise in the order form. Can you try again and get back with results?


Thank you for the prompt feedback, and for the welcome :]

I submitted my real name to the password retrieval form and it successfully mailed me a new password. I am now able to log in to the backstage area and will begin downloading Renoise. Thank you for the help and I look forward to having some fun with this software ^^

Yes, for sure a lot of fun granted and humble apologies for the inconvenience to everybody else who experienced the problem. We had more victims of the problem. (It is usually hard to track system administrators and pull them to an internet cafe on their holiday location to fix stuff, though this is a rough guess)