[SOLVED] OSX: How To Drag Multifiles From Finder2Renoise?

hi, i’m trying to drag 20 wavefiles directly from Finder to Renoise, and while it loads all of them, only the last file is shown as an instrument - it seems that the rest are displaced somewhere.
how could i “insert” the selected wavefiles into a renoise song’s instrument box, by insert i mean that if i have 8 instruments in the song, i drag 20 instruments into the song, none of the 8 instruments are overwritten and the 20 are added, so from 8 instruments, i go to 28 instruments. could anyone please help me with this one?

edit: it seems that all the samples are loaded into that one instrument as drummaps. this is kinda cool, but not exactly what im looking for → i’m trying to drag 20 files into the instrument box and emerge with 20 instruments, with 1 sample each. how would i go about doing this, please?

You don’t, because you are not dragging the samples onto any area, you drop them onto “Renoise” and renoise simply looks up what the file extension is and then executes the routine to load these into whatever the routine was programmed to do.
The only way to get what you want is using the internal diskbrowser, not the external drag and drop. (That would only work if each area in Renoise would have been a separate window docked to eachother)

Thx! So, is there a way to tell Renoise to open a specific folder in the disk browser?

Not that i know of.
Try to fumblewith these routines:

>>> rprint(renoise.app():prompt_for_path("Select path"))  
 >>> rprint(renoise.app():prompt_for_multiple_filenames_to_read({'*.wav'}, "Read wavs"))  
[1] => H:\install\libraries_plugins\audio\samples\ns_kit7freeWAV\samples\Snare\Rim\Righthand\snr_rim_r14.wav  
[2] => H:\install\libraries_plugins\audio\samples\ns_kit7freeWAV\samples\Snare\Rim\Righthand\snr_rim_r16.wav  
[3] => H:\install\libraries_plugins\audio\samples\ns_kit7freeWAV\samples\Snare\Rim\Righthand\snr_rim_r19.wav  

couldn’t find a way to set a start path in the prompt_for_multiple_filenames_to_read function though, else it would made your life a bit easier.

Thanks yet again. I guess there are no API functions for setting the diskbrowser folder itself in Renoise, apart from maybe calling presets?

I guess one way would be to use that strange XML writing process to dump a specific folder to the fourth preset and open that?

There is a setting in Preferences which will toggle whether multiple files will be loaded each as separate instruments, or each take a sample slot within the instrument. Does toggling this do what you want? Or are you too often sometimes wanting the one, some times the other method?


Fist item.

awesome. thanks kazakore. that’s exactly what i hoped to get :)

no, i don’t really want one or the other, i’m not comfortable with renoise keymaps

i solved this by not dragging multifiles from finder to renoise, instead actually opening Finder as a disk browser from within Renoise and then selecting files. and each of them will result in it’s own instrument, with specific settings. solved.

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