[Solved] Osx: Ni Massive Vst Gui Crashes When Opened

Just when i open project renoise is crashed

log file


Hello Jalex. Please try to reinstall Massive. Looks like its installation got somehow broken.

Hello ) Taktik

i will try.


dont work


Is it trouble in the renoise or massive?

Lets please try to find out more about this:

Does Massive in general crash for you; also in a new song or other songs? Does it work in other VST hosts and does the standalone version work?

If it only crashes in this one song, then something might have broken the patch. Save the patch (Renoise -> Save Preset), unload the plugin in Renoise (select “None” as plugin) then reload it again.

If it crashes in general, also in other hosts, then trashing its preferences may help. unfortunately I don’t know where Massive stores its prefs. NI may help here, maybe someone else here knows this.

I’ll do some more tests with Massive on OSX later.

its trouble with massive. i will try another distributive. sorry for panic ))


its workes=)