[solved] Pattern Sequencer Error

Ok, I used to use FT2 quite a bit, years ago, but when it comes to Renoise, I’m a very new noob.

So, please forgive me if I have something configured wrong.

I am trying to add new patterns to my song in Renoise. And any time I click the plus button in the Pattern Sequencer, it increases all the patterns in the sequencer by one. For example if I was using pattern 4 at a location, it goes up to 5. I have made a video of this bug and posted it on youtube.

Renoise error

No that’s not a bug.
If you rightclick on the sequencer, there you find a checkmark by “Keep sequence sorted”. Uncheck it and it should behave more like you had in mind.

Oh wow man.

That was my problem!

Thank you!