[Solved] Performance drop from V2.7 WinXP 32 bit to V2.8.2 Win7 64 bit


i just got a new computer.
Now i wanted to load a frikkin high number of plugins
compared to the old one and use them in realtime.
But surprise, loading my old songs the cpu performance is not improved.
It even seems its gotten worse.
I get crackeles/pops/clicks,
the cpu gauge is going up and down.
Any idea what that could be?


Old system:
WinXP, 32 bit
Renoise V2.7
CPU: E8400
Soundcard: UA-101, ASIO

New system:
Win7, 64 bit
Renoise 2.8.2
CPU: i5-4670K
Soundcard: UA-101, ASIO, 428 samples (9.8 ms), 44,1 kHz

I thought the new CPU would improve much…


maybe the problem is windows7 and his sounddrivers, they are not native like in wxp ^^

The i5 should outperform the E8400 because it simply has 4 cores. I would first check if you somewhere not have some kind of energy saving option turned on in the BIOS causing your cpu trying to throttle its resources based on current demand. This feature really is a performance killer for all audio apps in general.And just set up your power profile in windows to full performance. (do not allow any device to be turned off in idle mode etc.)

how much have you of ram because with 64 bit system 4gb is limited

That could be indeed, Windows 7 64 bit already snoops of 1,5GB for itself.But this can be quickly checked by adding the memory measurement gadget (CPU meter, also shows memory usage)

I got the current sounddriver for my audio card made for Windows 7. So that should be ok, right?

Bios is now tweaked to be full power, including “CPU audio: OFF”, whatever that means :o) and the energy options from the windows system is set to high performance. Now, the songs where cpu meter peaked up before and audio crackeled, they run now at half of the cpu usage as before. Much better now, great, thanks for the help :)

Got 8 GB, so should be no problem, right?

Gosh, i think i get my fun back making tracks
Thanks to all for the hints!

Great to read, can this topic be tagged as “solved”?

Yes, it’s solved, thx!